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St. Christopher’s Catholic Parish aims to be alive in Faith and Love, a welcoming community in which each member is co-responsible for ‘being Church’ to all in their daily lives.

Mass Times

Please see our Weekly Bulletin beneath heading Sacramental Timetable. The following week’s roster is also included.

Mark 9: 2-10

Parish Groups

You are an integral part of our parish community and we need you to be more involved!

New Parishioners Welcome Committee Fr Pat,
Kenneth Dassanaike
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MenAlive Frank Peh Info pdf 99kb
Youth Ministry Eliza Lau Info pdf 166kb
Sunday School Catherine Chong Enrolment Info
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26 Responses to Home

  1. Sr Liz Tham Canossian Sister says:

    Congratulations Fr Pat on your 50 golden years of ministry as a Pallottine priest! Ad multos annos!

  2. Kenny Saunders says:

    Hi Fr Pat. I enjoyed being at St Chris this morning for Mass with The Lord, with You , and many friendly parishioners. Also stayed to pray the Rosary. I hope that the Rosary Light will be a bright inspiration for all . Some of the Churches, and even some private homes have the light burning 24/7 in their front windows. Perhaps it could be an inspiration to all who drive down Blackburn Rd.. It is nice to be remembered by friends clear across the globe !! Sincerely: Kenny Saunders-Pleasant Hill Ohio USA

  3. Charlotte Simpson says:

    Congratulation’s Pope Francis I
    March 13
    God Bless you

    • Fr Pat says:

      Charlotte, it was great to see your comment on our website. Pope Francis has certainly impressed me by his actions in regard to children with disabilities and to all the people he meets. Did you read Cassandra’s report on World Youth Day in Brazil. Three and a half million pilgrims were there and Pope Francis invited them to reach out to the poor. God bless you. Fr Pat

  4. peter says:

    Where are Sunday mass times posted on web-site?

    • John.Cooney@monash.edu says:

      Hi Peter,
      Sunday Mass Times are posted in our weekly Bulletin, under heading:
      “Bulletin & Other News” – in the right column.
      Kind Regards
      John Cooney

  5. This might appeal in particular to youth:


    God bless

  6. Sr. Marilyn Lim, Canossian Sister, Singapore says:

    Congratulations to Fr. Pat and the congregation of St. Christopher’s. The photos captured the joy and life of a well nurtured and spiritual community! May God continue to grow in each of you so that you will shine ever brighter with His Light and share His wisdom with our broken and disoriented world! Bravo!!!

  7. Daryl Mendes says:

    Sun morning/afternoon turned out really well with the jubilee celebrations. Really good numbers as well with past and present parishioners. It was good to see some of the teachers that I used to have when I went through St Christopher’s back in the late 80s/early 90s.

  8. I really enjoyed the Jubilee Mass and Festival yesterday. It was like a reunion. The photographic display is excellent and I have taken pleasure in congratulating the ladies responsible. St. Christopher’s is really a very special place.

  9. Edward Chhim says:

    St Christopher’s is the best. It was great being in the school and graduating on Wednesday. Thank you Mr Westwood, Mrs Axton and Fr Pat

  10. Ian Darmawan says:

    I had been a leader in Sunday School and it has been a good experience to meet the children and teach them about religion and manners. Overall, they are well behaved and friendly. I would like to acknowledge Sister Joy, principal of Sunday School, for creating this initiative since the 2000s. At Sunday School, we would have worksheets and games to expand children’s knowledge about theology and faith.

    What we leaders could do to improve Sunday School in 2011 and in the future is to teach them how to be friendly to others and being more respectful by using manners in everyday life. Our mission is to make Sunday School better by knowing Jesus better in the Scriptures. We leaders also need understand the needs of children and who they are by learning their names because Sunday School is also about growing friendships and that is what God expects us to do.

  11. Ryan CHONG says:

    SS is a place to have fun and learn at the same time! We learn about the Bible, make new friends and do little worksheets to help us remember what we learned.

  12. I love being a part of the sunday school. Every sunday before the 10:30 am mass, my little brother and I attend sunday school. There we get to learn a lot of things about the bible, mass, and so much more. We are now learning about Mary MacKillop, Australia’s first saint. I also made lots of new friends in Sunday school whom are really really nice.

  13. Ryan Fynn says:

    Sunday School is the best, we do worksheets and sometimes you have quizzes like me. I have a quiz on the 7th of November and everyone is a friend to you and you will learn a lot about Jesus and God.

  14. Jessica Fernando says:

    It is a great priviledge to be a member of the St. Christopher’s community. I am also an ex-student of St. Christopher’s School. I now study at Avila College. As part of the parish I am in the Children’s Choir and Alter Serving. I enjoy both these activities. It is a great pleasure being a part of such a wonderful community.

    • Fr Pat says:

      Jessica, I love to have you as server and in the choir. Sometimes it’s hard to be in both at the same time, but work on it. Pallotti did!

      • Lauren Quek says:

        I graduated from one to the other but there was a time that i was doing both alter serving and Contemporary Music Group/Now Trinity. I also went to Avila College. Come and join us in Trinity. Rehearsals are normally Tuesday nights at 8.00pm.

  15. Joella Fernando says:

    It is great being a parishioner of St. Christopher’s Church Syndal. Also, I am a student of St. Christopher’s Primary School. I am a member in the Church Altar serving group and the Children’s choir. I am really proud of being a part of St. Christopher’s parish.
    “Repent and believe the good news.” Mark 1:15

    • Joy Shelley says:

      Jessica, Avila! Lots of Home-Work… It must be rough and tough on your Saturdays and Sundays. Do you know why! ….because the rest are weak-days!

    • Fr Pat says:

      Joella, we have your smiling face at St Christopher’s school. We’re gonna miss you.

  16. Kelly says:

    It was quite fun this morning performing in the band for our church service. Even if I’m not a part of the church congregation, I can still feel comfortable collaborating with the music group and contribute to the Sunday service. This is also a great chance for us students to get upon the stage and improve our ability of music performance in this ensemble. We hope that more and more people would like to join this and contribute your lovely music! :D

    • Joy Shelley says:

      Bravo Kelly! Glad to hear your happy note! as if wealth for you is not in what we have but in what we enjoy…The 15 of you in the Children’s Choir and Band seemed to have brought out the best in each. Jonathan’s soprano was superb!

  17. John.Cooney@monash.edu says:

    We can set up the necessary accounts for this to occur, for sure! But please note that all content is moderated prior to it appearing.

  18. Joy Shelley says:

    Sunday School would like to tweet our Homework here!! Even though we don’t understand all that HTML…jargon below nor can we comprehend anything beyond writing and drawing on a Sunday School worksheet!!! But this will be handy for our Round Table leaders to let us have their comments fast. We need to hear lots good things about what we do fast, as fast as we are growing up each new day! So Can we?? Or is this space only for grown-ups?? We hope some people will shout out loud for us!!

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